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What level of consumer protection exists within the Code?

The Code ensures consumers are informed about their legal rights before they enter into a contract with a provider. All providers must provide a cooling off period, a transparent refund policy, and a documented process of complaint resolution.

What claims about weight loss products and services can a weight management provider make?

All advertising or marketing practices by Weight Management Council members must give truthful and accurate information about the likelihood of success of weight loss products and services. Advertisements must not make promises of loss of a specified weight nor a promise of weight loss within a specified time and must acknowledge that an energy deficit is required to lose body fat.

Weight loss programs must provide eating plans that are safe, nutritionally adequate and capable of achieving the results claimed. No advertisement is allowed for eating plans with an energy content below 3,500 kJ per day.

Promotion of weight loss claims in respect to products claimed to ‘increase metabolic rate’ or specific products such body wraps, diuretics, inflatable garments, electrical muscle stimulators etc. are not allowed.

What health checks are in place to ensure my safety if I’m starting a weight loss program with a Council member?

All members must administer a health screening mechanism /procedure as approved by the Council as suitable for the industry sector before consumers enter a contract for weight management products and services – see clause 13 & and Annexure 1 of the Weight Management Code of Practice.


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