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  If you are considering a weight management product or program, look for the Weight Management Council Logo.

This provides you with the assurance that your rights are protected by the Weight Management Code of Practice, and that products, programs and service providers have been assessed by the Council.

The Weight Management Code of Practice aims to provide a comprehensive guide for the protection of consumers rights and the conduct of weight management businesses.

The Code was developed as a result of a report of consumer experiences with the weight management industry by the Consumer Advocacy and Financial Counselling Association of Victoria in 1992 (now the Financial and Consumer Rights Council).

The Code was developed by representatives of the weight management industry, consumer organisations, health and nutritional professionals and government consumer affairs departments and is reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Only those businesses in the Weight Management Industry who have been admitted to membership of the Weight Management Council Australia Ltd are bound by the
Weight Management Code of Practice.

Membership of the council requires a rigorous assessment of each weight management provider's weight loss program or product, advertising material, consumer affairs processes, staff training, as well as corporate integrity and compliance checking.

The Council is managed by a board of directors consisting of an independent chairperson, representatives from the Australian Nutrition Foundation and Consumers Federation of Australia, and industry representatives.

Weight management businesses that are not members of the Council may reference the Weight Management Council Code in their publications in print or online. However, consumers should be aware that protections provided under the Code are only available to consumers when they deal with members of the Council – look for the logo.

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